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  • How are the products scented?
    Peaceful Pixie generally uses essential oils to scent products. If properly diluted in carrier oils, essential oils can not only smell great, they can offer skin benefits as well. With that being said, essential oils can also be harmful if not diluted properly. After (continuous) research on the safe dermal limits ( how much is safely allowed on the skin of each individual oil), we are satisfied with the small range of essential oils used in our products. By mixing and matching in different quantities, we are able to produce quite a few unique scents. For those we cannot replicate, we source skin safe phalate free and formaldehyde free fragrance oils.
  • What do you mean by phalate free and formaldehyde free fragrance oils?
    Fragrance oils are synthetic materials. Period. There is really no way around the fact that they are man made. There are a few fragrance oil companies that are paving the way for cleaner scents, those with chemicals not on the California Prop 65 List and those more in line with the European standards against chemical toxicity in cosmetics and food. Although some companies still produce scents that contain phalates and formaldehyde releasing agents, most are actively working towards eliminating these ingredients as a response to changing consumer demands.
  • Do you add preservatives?
    Yes and No. In products that contain water or will likely come in contact with water, we add a gentle preservative. While natural preservatives like Rosemary extract are useful, they are not full spectrum and will not protect our customers from the slew of bacteria and molds that can grow in products. Bacteria and mold can grow in any product, be it homemade or mass produced in a lab. We have sourced a more gentle preservative and use it in the smallest allowed percentage that is still effective. At this time, we do not use a preservative in our face or lip products, so it is strongly suggested that you do not allow any water to enter the product.
  • What is your return policy?
    Due to the handmade nature of our products, we cannot accept product returns. If there is an issue with your order, please contact us immediately. Store credit and/or exchanges may be issued at the discretion of Peaceful Pixie.
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